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Thor Cosplay Hammer Selling Fast For Halloween Costume

Product: Thor’s Hammer Thunder Hammer+ Stand Base ABS Plastics Halloween Cosplay Collection Model Kids Birthdays Gifts

Price: $58.99

The Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Type: Collector’s Item ( Can be used for kids)

Guarantee: Quality

My Rating: 10/10

To all my Marvel fans I want to just make you all aware that Halloween is around the corner. What does this mean, the perfect day for Halloween cosplay such as a Thor Cosplay Hammer to use for your perfect Thor Halloween Costume.

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I came across this hammer and immediately, knew it was worthwhile to any fan of Thor, let alone Marvel. Three things I can say to best describe this hammer are it has a great realistic look, the quality is great and it has multiple uses.

Vintage Look

The great thing about this Thor Costume Hammer, that most fans complain about around this time is, does my Marvel costume look cheap? I assure you this hammer does look as close to the real Mjolnir, as you can get. This is a great accessory to an adult Thor Halloween costume. You will be proud to know that this investment for this hammer and collector’s item is great to look at visually.

High Quality Material and Design

Not only does it look the part it definitely, feels the part. This hammer actually has some weight to it that makes you feel like you holding the actual Thor’s hammer. I love the material and weight of it and it has a nice grip on the handle as well.

This Hammer Can Be Used For More Than a Costume

So not only can this be used for a costumer; not only can this be used to collect as a fan; not only can it be used as kids and adult marvel Halloween costume, it also a piggie bank, that you or your kids can use to collect your riches.

Get the Thor Stormbreaker Axe as another choice for a Thor costumer hammer. I will let you know these Axes are selling fast so you may want to click below and purchase this one soon, as I hear this is one the kids have to have for Halloween to pay their respects to Marvel Endgame.

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Thor Hammer Toolkit

Also, I am excited to say I just bought a home so in honor of moving in and getting things unpacked, for all of my Marvel Fans who also like to build and destroy things like Thor, please take a look at this Thor hammer toolbox. This is great to be used as a conversation starter for your house-warming or to use for appliance repairs around the house. The tools in it are not grade a stainless steel tools, but they will get the small jobs done.

Buy Now By Clicking The Toolbox Below:

Let me know in the comments below if you have found any nice Marval Halloween props or costumes for kids or us big kids.

Always Remember Marvel Forever

-The Marvel Summoner

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