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Product: Marvel Comics Jacket Review

Product: Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary Baseball Jacket for Adults

Price: $49.99

The Cheapest Place To Buy: ShopDisney

Sizes offered: S, M, L, X-Large, XX-Large

Guarantee: Quality

My Rating: 10/10

I did not realize we are at officially 80 years of Marvel giving us comics of all heroes in characters of all shapes, sizes and powers with their own moral battles that help them navigate and master their abilities to best use them to help those around them. With this being said I ran into this great Marvel Comics jacket that honors the many years and heroes created by Marvel. Once I explain why this Marvel Baseball jacket is perfect then you will understand as well. You can find this Marvel Comics jacket for men, as well as, there are a kids Marvel jacket that is available for all you fan. Now lets look at the best features about these Marvel jackets for men and kids.

Click the image below to find where to get these commemorative jackets:

Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary Baseball Jacket for Adults Official shopDisney

Celebrate 80 Years of Marvel Comics With This Marvel Baseball Jacket

Even though this may not matter much to some of you one of the things I love most about this jacket is the theme of the jacket itself. Why not make a memorable Marvel comics jacket that helps us remember the stories and times that we all love with Marvel heroes. To be able to have a jacket that is a constant reminder of this is just good to have as a fan in my opinion, not to mention the Marvel baseball jacket is just stylish anyway.

Love The Inner Design Of The Marvel Comics Jacket

If you look on the inner lining of this jacket you will find another great feature of this Marvel comics jacket. You will find the faces of all Marvel superheroes that have been introduced to us over the years. This design is what makes this jacket so memorable about the past 80 years of Marvel.

Front Pockets on Marvel Jackets for Men

You can still have two places to put things in this jacket with spacious two front jackets that have wide openings to make it easier to put items like keys, wallets etc on your person to make these things easier to carry around. Also, if this means anything to any of you, this Marvel comics jacket has a metal snap front and for secure closing of the jacket.

You Can Also Choose Kids Marvel Jacket

I mentioned this earlier but I finally came across a cool Marvel comics jacket that comes in adult fit as well as sizes for kids. The jacket has the same design on the inside and out as the adult jackets so you can make sure your son, daughter niece or nephew or grand kids has this cool jacket to help them acknowledge their favorite Marvel heroes and how long they have been around us as fan.

You can click the image below to find where to get this kids Marvel jacket as well as the Marvel jackets for men:
Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary Baseball Jacket for Kids Official shopDisney

Let me know what other jackets you have found for Marvel comics or any other items that help celebrate 80 years of greatness and let me know what you found in the comments below or ask me any other questions about these Marvel comics jackets reviewed.

Always Remember Marvel Forever!

– The Marvel Summoner

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  • Sharon says:


    I love that you reviewed the pockets on this, it’s something that’s hard to navigate when you’re trying to shop online.

    Great review by the way, very thorough and easy to understand!


    • The Marvel Summoner says:

      Hi Sharon,

      Yes of course I thought the front pockets was a positive feature to highlight on this jacket as most people do want pockets on their jackets.Thanks for the feedback

  • Lyde says:

    A beautiful jacket and a great description of it. The lining seems to be a special treat having all the superheroes on it. Every child would love to have this jacket.
    My favorite superhero was spiderman.

    • The Marvel Summoner says:

      Yep and the kids jacket is only $34.99. Spiderman is a personal favorite of mine as well. Thanks for the feedback comeback to this site to stay current with more posts and products to come.

  • Lawrence Hill says:

    Love the jacket.

    Think the inside lining is a great touch, its just a shame I had to click off your page to get a proper picture of it.

    to let others know, the kids version of this jacket is only 34.99

    • The Marvel Summoner says:

      I’m glad you love it and thanks for the feedback, you are right, I will add more pictures of products to my pages in the future. Also, thanks for letting other fans know that the kids Jacket is $34.99 just in case if other are interested in the kids jacket

  • Butch says:

    Very well written, easy to read, very professional looking site, well laid out, keep it up

    • The Marvel Summoner says:

      Thanks for the feedback Butch! I hope you keep visiting the site I will continue to add more content and features here

  • Joel says:

    Nice! To be honest I’ve fallen out of love with Marvel comics over the years but would definitely appreciate this item. Love the classic look, and the Jack kirby artwork on the inside, it makes it look more like something I’d want to bag and board instead of wear.

    • The Marvel Summoner says:

      Honestly Joel,

      I was thinking the same thing, a jacket to hang on the wall in a huge frame as a keepsake or something to that affect. What made you fall out of love with Marvel comics?

  • Natalie says:

    Hi, I knew I just had to read this, because I love marvel! Although if pushed, between the two I probably would choose DC… (they’re both great though.) Anyhow this jacket looks awesome. Do they do it in adult sizes for women? I love the fabric, it’s a nice alternative to the more sweater type fabric you often see for baseball jackets. I love that you said the lining has all the faces of the marvel superheroes, it’s such a novel item, I imagine everyone’s going to want to own this. For reference, do you find this generally comes up true to size, large or small?

    • The Marvel Summoner says:

      When I ordered mine it definitely came true to size so any concerns about getting a jacket that will run too small or big isn’t an issue here. This is a jacket every Marvel fan should have so please spread the word on your social profiles please. I did not see this in women sizes specifically but I am sure the Men’s size will still work pretty well. Why would you choose DC over Marvel though?

  • Angee says:

    I am a Marvel Fan so is my husband. This is the best review of this jacket. I have read.

    • The Marvel Summoner says:

      Hi Angee,

      Thanks for the feedback, please share this review and jacket on your social media profiles to spread the word and let everyone know how great this jacket is

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