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I Love You 3000 T Shirt Review-Avengers EndGame T Shirts

Product: Marvel Avengers Endgame Iron Man I Love You 3000 Helmet Logo T-Shirt

Price: $22.99 with free returns on all sizes

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Sizes offered: S, M, L, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX-Large

Guarantee: Quality

My Rating: 10/10

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Of course to pay tribute to the exciting yet tragic finale that was Avengers Endgame, I had to buy this shirt as memory of saying goodbye to our beloved Iron Man. I must say in getting this shirt the overall quality of the material is top notch for a t shirt. It is very durable and I love the cut of the neck. I can tell this shirt will last for a while.


The print and design of the graphic of this shirt is so cool and shows style that is relative to the movie and ideal to wear out in your daily adventures this summer. This is growing quickly into one of my favorite shirts to just throw on and walk out the house in.


Also, I have already washed this shirt a few times and the print does not fade nor the color of the shirt itself. This is great to recognize being that you know you can use this shirt a lot and wash it knowing that it will not change or get damaged.

Other Cool Choices for the Summer

After I found this shirt, I did see a few other cool shirts that had designs that will always take us back to this iconic movie. These shirts are definitely great alternatives that are just as cool for the summer. You would definitely need a heavier sweatshirt for this type of weather. May i recommend buying this Avengers Endgame T Shirt if you are a bit more daring as far as designs go or purchase this Avengers Endgame Whatever It Takes T Shirt that is stylish but a bit more conservative.

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Overall this is a great t shirt too have in your closet as a Marvel Fan and as a die har Iron Man fan who had him picked as the number one Avenger since his first movie that started it all. Please take this opportunity to review for yourself. I hate to see Iron Man go, but we can keep him alive with this purchase as well as any other Iron Man items purchases.

Also. please give your reviews, comments or questions below on this item or any other items that you think are a quality purchase.

Always remember Marvel Forever!

-The Marvel Summoner

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