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Disney Plus Streaming Service Bundle Missing Netflix Marvel TV

One of the discussions in the Marvel world for all fans that have watched the Netflix shows like Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist is whether these shows will get at least one more season to tie up any loose ends of unanswered questions they gave us at the end of each recent season. Now if any of you have watched any of these Netflix Marvel originals, you all know that these shows were great for the Marvel universe. My personal favorites out of these shows are DareDevil and Luke Cage. Jessica Jones is very dark when it comes to its villains and what showing throughout the show that it takes for Jessica Jones to defeat her opponent in each season. Also, I truly do believe they could have done better casting when picking who played Iron Fist. I don’t like his acting and he comes off as to young and naive to be the Iron Fist. These shows were all still very entertaining, but most of all most of these shows had recent seasons that left us on huge cliff hangers, for example, the Defenders that combined all of these dynamic Marvel heroes together ended the season with DareDevil pronounced dead, but they find his body in the end. So endings like this found in these shows are meant to not be answered by fans? Even though these are completely new characters that are not currently mentioned in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, these shows have developed a fan base that I feel are great to continue and should not be just left on the shelf with no resolution. Later in this post, for those of you that don’t know, I will give the reason I found that these shows will not be brought back to Netflix and I will also address the following questions that I have personally, is this a really good reason to stop these shows? Are there other options that should be thought about to bring these shows back? Finally, since these shows are stopping, why leave us on these show cliff hangers unanswered? I know I am not the only one disappointed that these shows of Marvel heroes will not be continued, especially since these are characters that we as fans actually do love and can relate to very much. If anyone has other reasons they have found as to why these shows will not have new seasons to continue their story, please by all means, include your thoughts and findings in the comments below and Let’s see if we can figure thing out together. These shows have too much potential to be even more great than the creators thought.

Reason why Marvel TV Shows on Netflix Are Finished

Now before I go into the reason I found, let me first let you all know who the reason came from. The person who made this decision to stop creating new seasons of these shows is no other than Kevin Fiege. Who is this you ask, this is the current President of Marvel Studios and the producer for all the wonderful Marvel films that we as fans know and love. Now a recent article I found by ShowBiz Cheat Sheet identifies that Kevin Fiege has expressed that even before he created the first seasons of these shows, his original master plan for these shows were to create opportunities in these shows that hint directly back to the movies in the theaters so once again everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe connects. He has not been able to do that with these shows to his fullest capacity he could only mention different characters in these movies and have fun jokes that take us back to what we saw in the Marvel movies. Since Kevin wanted to only create shows that he can directly tie back to the Marvel films, he feels that he can now create more shows in the Disney Plus streaming service bundle that will directly tie into the new Marvel Movies coming in phase 4. With this being said, I have two questions how much can the Disney plus streaming service house and show with completely new Marvel character TV shows? Also, is this a really good reason to stop the shows on Netflix?

Is This A Really Good Reason?

From my experience with the Marvel section of the Disney Plus streaming service bundle, it appears to have a certain limit of shows and movies housed in each section, now I could be wrong but if the intent is to create completely new character shows that tie into the next Marvel movie phase how many will be able to be shown in this section with the other movies and shows present. Also, is this a really good reason to stop these shows all together? Their are other movies such as Thor Ragnarok that was transferred from Netflix to Disney Plus, why can’t these shows be transferred over as well.

Other Options To Bring These Shows Back

I honestly do believe that if these shows are transferred over, I pose the question to Kevin Fiege, why not write new seasons of these shows as they transfer over and introduce these characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe even if they do not have significant roles in the next Marvel movie phase. I know I am not the only one who has fallen in love with these shows and I strongly believe there is room and opportunity in its current audience to continue these stories and gain more Marvel fans because of these shows.

Why Leave Us On These Show Cliff Hangers

Since these shows are going over into the Disney Plus streaming service bundle, I now wonder why create these great cliff hangers at the end of the seasons. These cliff hangers leave us as fans with the high expectation that there will and has to be another season, for example, Iron Fist coming back to Ku’un Lun and it has been completely destroyed. If this kind of thing is going to continue even in the new Marvel shows created in the Disney Plus streaming service bundle I am beginning to assume that I should not bother getting invested into these new characters if there is a chance my questions will not be answered by the writers and producers.


To sum all of this up into one statement, I only say to Kevin Fiege, in this case, finish what you started with these characters. Please let me know your thoughts or if you have found other reasons as to why these shows will not be transferred over into the new Disney Plus streaming service bundle in the comments below.

Always Remember Marvel Forever!

– The Marvel Summoner

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  • Jasmere says:

    This actually makes a lot of sense and answers a lot of the things I was personally wondering. Disney Plus seems like a good idea but I guess it remains to be seen how big it becomes in the upcoming years. Do you think it has potential?

    • The Marvel Summoner says:

      I think Disney Plus has great potential, especially for Marvel. I am curious to see what new TV shows they add to Disney Plus that will tie into the new Marvel movies. I think there are so many characters in the Marvel Universe and there is room for all of them on Disney Plus. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Sergio says:

    I haven’t watched Iron FIst but after reading this article I will. I have watched all of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. I read someone awhile back that there wont be any more seasons of Luke CAge. Not sure if this was set in stone or if they were simply implying that there wont be any new seasons on Netflix due to the rollout of Disney plus.

    Honestly they should just make all shows available of all services so that the consumer dont have to sign up for 10 thousand different streaming services just to watch shows. And I agree, its pointless to get us all involves in these shows just for us to have no idea how they every end. The show just waiting until they finish the show entirely before they release it onto a streaming service. I’m curious to see how Disney handle these cliffhanger shows for the upcoming shows now that they have the rights to MCU.

    • The Marvel Summoner says:

      Yes, please go watch Iron Fist and DareDevil they both have great storylines and amazing fight scenes. I completely agree, just put all shows on one streaming service, at this rate with all of these different streaming services, having cable will be pointless. I hope Disney Plus does give us something on these upcoming shows to give us some kind of peace of mind as to what happened.

  • Bob says:

    Cliff hangers are used to keep the audience curious and coming back for more, whether that is in a weekly broadcast tv show a movie, or a book to keep the series going. If the show is canceled then the audience is left wanting thereby creating disappointment and sometimes anger at being left with no end. Hopefully, Marvel may have something in mind to resurrect these shows or at least provide an ending for them.

    • The Marvel Summoner says:

      You and me both are hoping for an ending, thanks for the feedback. if anything changes I will give an update here.

  • Chris says:

    I agree that the answer is not satisfactory at all. It’s like instead of actually answering the question, he just said “Hey, don’t worry. I’m going to introduce all new content. Sure it won’t be these characters, but they will be all new characters for you to fall in love with.” It’s a cop out. Instead of a) taking the time to do it right and end the shows in a proper manner on Netflix, or b) working on a contract to port these characters over to Disney+, he just decided to take the easiest option and scrap them all. I hate it when a show has momentum, and has lingering plot lines, only to be cancelled for some executive reason (Firefly anyone?). Seeing that they are cancelling these series, and most of my other preferred shows on Netflix are on their final season, it’s highly unlikely I will continue my subscription. Simply put, my reasons for watching Netflix no longer apply. Thanks for the information, and hopefully someone will pick up the shambles that the Marvel streaming shows are currently in. At least, hopefully better than what they did with Firefly’s movie Serenity.

    • The Marvel Summoner says:

      EXACTLY! I completely agree. Even if they don’t plan on introducing these characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe its great to still include these shows since Kevin has already build a fan base with these shows and to your point he could lose fans in watching any new shows he comes up with on Disney Plus since there is a shot he will do the same thing and just scrap the new shows one day.

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