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Avengers Endgame Backpack & Dragon Con Atlanta Tickets

Product: Quantum Avengers Endgame Back Pack

Price: $34.99

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Sizes offered: One Size

Guarantee: Quality

My Rating: 10/10

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This is the Avengers Endgame Backpack to wear when you purchase your Dragon Con Atlanta Tickets

I had to find something for all my fans to use, that would give you all the Avengers Endgame swag, while still being able to carry all the good stuff that you find at this years Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA that is right around the corner the weekend of Labor Day. For those of you doing last minute preparations for the Disney 23 Expo this is the perfect bag to wear as well, especially since there is a rumor that we will get the Marvel Phase 5 movies confirmed, but you can read more about that in this article. However, back to the topic at hand, this is what I love about this backpack.


This backpack is very well-made from my experience. The best thing that I like is that it is made out of a very sturdy material, so this backpack will last a long time. Not to say you should you intentionally pull on it your hardest to see if it rips, but I am sure that this can take a bit of damage from play and walking around with it. Also, with this sturdy quality to it you can hold a lot in the bag without being worried the seems might tear. Then of course the design on the bag is cool, entertaining and honors the end of marvel phase 3 with the Avengers Endgame movie, specifically if you want to represent this at Dragon Con Atlanta or the Disney 23 Expo if you are attending.


This does come in one size, but it is a very large size. So you can carry all of your fan items found at Dragon Con or the D23 Expo as an adult or child. Now I will say if you want a backpack with pockets in the front or sides, this backpack does not have that. However, there is an inside front pocket for folders, binders, laptops etc.

Avengers Backpacks for Kids

Of course I am giving you all this feedback as if the backpack is for adults only, but its not. You can definitely purchase this for your kids as the coolest backpack to go to school with. I know my nephew loves this backpack when he goes to school.

Other Avengers Endgame Backpack

If you don’t like this design you can also buy this design of avengers endgame backpack that is also just as stylish and has a black color by clicking the link in the avengers endgame backpack text link:

avengers endgame backpack

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